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Visualize relationships using VisRel. This is done by linking an area of an image with another image using an arrow. Here is the screenshot of linking images which were generated to describe CIMPL Features. Images can be opened or copy and paste from the Windows clipboard.

CIMPL features in VisRel
The program can also be used to create custom cropping shapes. Click here to see other more complicated custom cropping shapes.

Custom shape examples
The main area is where images are linked, and nodes (images) and arrows can be annotated. The edit area is where an image can be cropped. Cropping or cutting can be done in many different ways including creating custom shapes. The overview area is where you can see the complete layout. A light blue viewing window is created when you press the overview area. By default, both edit and overview areas are hidden. You can drag the boundary between areas to resize the areas. When the cursor is on the top of the boundary, its shape will change to two vertical lines with two horizontal arrows. You can also double click any node to open the edit area.

Three Areas in VisRel

VisRel Main Area Menus - Describe menus available in the main area.
VisRel Edit Area Menus - Describe menus available in the edit area.
VisRel Overview Area Menus - Describe menus available in the overview area.